Lifesaving is not only a skill but a true multi discipline sport. Competitions are held throughout the year on the beach, in the sea and in the pool. During these events, individuals or teams compete in a series of disciplines. Each discipline aims to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of lifesaving principles and techniques. The run-swim-run is the most common and demonstrates the basic need to be strong swimmer in the sea. Speed races also offer ideal practise for the rescuing of a conscious and unconscious patients in sea conditions. Returning a casualty to shore through the surf is a difficult task and the best non-powered craft available for lifeguards to reach a casualty and return to shore is the malibu rescue board (Mal). The fastest non powered craft known as the Surf Ski which is also raced as a perfect way to practise skills of negotiating surf. Fitness plays a key role in lifeguarding and races and other team relays all strengthen an individuals athletic ability and enables vital seconds to be saved in responding to a situation. Beach events such as sprints all hone lifeguards responses and actions to sounds as well as giving them a cutting edge on explosive starts.

Competitions are held for Nippers, Juniors, Open and Masters at local, national and international levels. Llantwit Major Surf Life Saving Club promotes participation in competition in order to develop lifeguard skills and fitness.

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