Signs and Flags Used By Lifeguards


When you arrive at the beach the first thing you might see is a sign giving you all the information about the beach you’re visiting. This includes important safety information on the hazards specific to the area. These signs may also tell you about the tide and weather conditions and who to call in an emergency.


If the beach you’re at is not lifeguarded, please take extra care if you are going into the water. If lifeguards are on patrol, then you’ll need to know your flags:

Lifeguard Patrol Red and Yellow Flag

Red and yellow flags

This flag is flown above the lifeguard hut to show a lifeguard and first aid service is running. They are also used to mark out the safest area to swim, bodyboard and use inflatables.


Lifeguard Patrol Red Flag

Red flag

Danger! Never go in the water under any circumstances when the red flag is flying.



Lifeguard Patrol Black and White Flag


Black and white chequered flags

For surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks and other non-powered craft. Launch and recovery area for kitesurfers and windsurfers. Never swim or bodyboard here.


Lifeguard Patrol Orange Wind Sock

Orange windsock

Indicates offshore or strong wind conditions. Never use inflatables when the windsock is flying.